Cultivate your database and win the mindshare battle

The size of your database will dictate the potential success of your business, but you could have 10,000’s of contacts, and if you fail to nurture and build strong relationships you will lose the mindshare battle and miss out on the listing conversations.

Keller Williams UK is delighted to bring to market KW Nurture – a combined CRM and automated touchpoint nurturing programme to cultivate your leads over time to your set requirements.

The platform is pre-built, pre-designed, personalised to our agents with full content written – ready to go. FREE of charge.

Welcome to the tech-enabled estate agent!

Features of KW Nurture


Add single contacts or upload in bulk. Select appropriate touch campaign and the platform will send scheduled events.


Pre-created touchpoint campaigns, targeting clients over 3, 6, 12 months, on the market, no contact and post valuation – with more coming…


Pre-designed to promote your agency, update 3 fields with your personal brand images and your campaign is ready to go!

Multiple Touchpoints

Email, SMS, automated voicemails and FB Messenger. Get reminders for client calls, handwritten notes and birthdays

Super CRM

Centralised contact system – add notes and tasks, build pipeline visuals, online calendars for listing appointment booking all on the go with our mobile iPhone and Android mobile app. 


We have designed and written all Email and SMS content to offer a pre-configured and ready to go system.

Setup your KW Nurture Account

To benefit from the automation service fully, we highly advise that you set up an SMS account with Twilio.

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Why KW Nurture is is so important?

Save time - automate what you can - sell more

Set reminders never miss an opportunity


Multiple touchpoints and campaigns

Drive more listings = revenue & profit

KW Nurture Support – ‘how to’ Videos

Upload single contact & lead communication suite explanation

Contacts > Bulk Upload and Lead Search > Tagging

Contacts > Smart Lists > Emails Opened and Clicked

Team Management – Important!

Pipelines > Create and Amend > Separate Opportunities and Monetary Value

Integrations – Google and Facebook

SMS Setup

Calendar – Setup> Listing Appointments

Custom Fields > Organising info to your requirements



Scheduling – online listing appointments

Sending review requests